Chrissie Carl

Chrissie Carl is an award-winning recruiter, people leader, and former partner sales executive at Microsoft who specializes in helping leaders advance their careers and accelerate their job searches through career planning and job-search preparation. 




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Chrissie helps smart, ambitious female leaders accelerate their career transitions through:


  • Clarity - Defining career direction by aligning their values, passions, and strengths for an accelerated, momentum-building job search.


  • (Re)Framing - Identifying and developing key components of their narrative to define, uniquely brand, and position themselves for the next step in their career.


  • Confidence - Grounding them solidly in self-assurance that comes with adequate job-search preparation so confidence, poise, and passion can shine through during all phases of their job search.  


  • Standing Out - Differentiating themselves online, on paper, and in person to stand out among other qualified applicants and to get and keep a leg up on the competition. 


  • Negotiation - Taking the steps necessary to create leverage and employer willingness to pay at the top of the scale to get her client to sign. 



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  • Finding a job takes skill, especially the higher up the ladder we move or the greater our desired career change. 


  • When we know what we're good at and what we want to do and can clearly articulate both, others are more inclined and capable of lending a hand.


  • People tend to get stuck at one of three job-search stages: 1) application, 2) phone screen, 3) or interview.


  • Successful people who are struggling with their job search are usually missing one or more of the following: a clear direction, a unique brand, a compelling narrative, confidence, or a job-search plan.  


  • Most job seekers mistake an updated resume for adequate job-search preparation.


  • When we have a job-search plan and are executing against it consistently, we feel more in control of the process and our emotions which is reflected in our poise and progress.


  • A good career coach is worth the investment. They can help us transition to a (more satisfying & fulfilling) job or career and potentially a (larger) paycheck (sooner than we can going it alone).



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